Watch: Dr. Fauci Refuses To Recommend Limiting Protests Despite Virus Spread

Dr. Anthony Fauci testifying before House lawmakers on Friday July 31, 2020 (Source: Screenshot from Twitter)

WASHINGTON (AP/VINnews) — Dr. Anthony Fauci did little on Friday to dispel the argument often made by conservatives that there is a double standard when liberals and some public health experts support widespread Black Lives Matter protests, but simultaneously push for limitations on other activities involving crowds.

Fauci’s stance emerged during questioning from a Republican lawmaker while testifying before House lawmakers over whether recent protests increased the spread of coronavirus.

Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio repeatedly pressed the top health official on whether protests in Portland and other cities against police brutality and racial discrimination should be curbed to stop the virus spread.

Jordan complained that government officials “are stopping people from going to church,” but not shutting down protests.

Fauci refused to admit that if crowds in churches and businesses are deemed a risk, certainly crowds of hundreds if not thousands of protestors should carry at least the same amount of risk, and should therefore be limited by the same token.

Instead, he remained non-committal, saying “Any crowd, whether it’s a protest, any crowd when you have people close together without masks is a risk.”

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