Watch: Dr. Fauci Refuses To Recommend Limiting Protests Despite Virus Spread

Dr. Anthony Fauci testifying before House lawmakers on Friday July 31, 2020 (Source: Screenshot from Twitter)

WASHINGTON (AP/VINnews) — Dr. Anthony Fauci did little on Friday to dispel the argument often made by conservatives that there is a double standard when liberals and some public health experts support widespread Black Lives Matter protests, but simultaneously push for limitations on other activities involving crowds.

Fauci’s stance emerged during questioning from a Republican lawmaker while testifying before House lawmakers over whether recent protests increased the spread of coronavirus.

Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio repeatedly pressed the top health official on whether protests in Portland and other cities against police brutality and racial discrimination should be curbed to stop the virus spread.

Jordan complained that government officials “are stopping people from going to church,” but not shutting down protests.

Fauci refused to admit that if crowds in churches and businesses are deemed a risk, certainly crowds of hundreds if not thousands of protestors should carry at least the same amount of risk, and should therefore be limited by the same token.

Instead, he remained non-committal, saying “Any crowd, whether it’s a protest, any crowd when you have people close together without masks is a risk.”

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    • Agree. Jordan doesn’t get it that a MEDICAL opinion does not require other officials to be consistent in their application of this information. How in the world is Fauci supposed to tell individual police departments how to react to violations? That is a POLITICAL or PUBLIC SAFETY decision; not a MEDICAL one.
      Just because Jordan wants to make his point doesn’t mean he should badger Fauci, who comes out looking like the adult in this situation.

  1. Jordan is an idiot who allowed the students he was in charge of to be abused. At the same time, Fauci, it seems, should be able to admit that protesting can also spread Covid.

  2. Fauci kept admitting that the protests are dangerous. The follow up question should’ve been why he was quiet on them because he’s only “a public health official” but was outspoken on other issues. He made that point but he didn’t hammer it home

  3. Dr. Fauci is influenced by the indoctrination of “Political Correctness” as defined by the liberal media. Many otherwise bright people fall into this trap. An excellent example of this indoctrination is the thinking of our Supreme Court judges, It was because of this that so many voted for Trump in 2016 and many will in 2020. This nonsense is what will allow Trump to win again (if he doesn’t successfully beat himself by spouting too much nonsense).

    • If he said anything political, he would be damned. 99.5 % of his delicately mentioned comments are against Trump.
      The USA is not a dictatorship. Trump wants it to be. Sad day for the world if it happens.

  4. Rep. Jordan was verbally abusive to Dr. Fauci. Fauci stated that he is against large crowds, as they will spread the Covid virus. What difference does it make if the crowds are comprised of protestors, or they are large crowds gathered on the street, at an amusement park, or at a beach? A large crowd is a large crowd. However, Jordan had a political ax to grind. Dr. Fauci is a medical professional, and rendered a medical opinion about large crowds, period. He is not a law enforcement official. When Jordan acted that way to Dr. Fauci, it was no different than the abusive manner that the Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee, acted towards AG Barr, the other day.

  5. Phineas, can you read, or did you listen to Fauci’s statement? He stated that any large crowds can spread the virus, period! Therefore, why do you and Rep. Jordan insist that he specifically include the term “protestors” regarding a crowd? A large crowd, whether they are protesting, or dancing in the streets, does not bode well, period. However, it appears that those who can’t stand Dr. Fauci, are trying to ruin him with those “gotcha” questions. I’m glad that Fauci stuck by his guns, and didn’t allow himself to be pushed around, or have words inserted into his mouth. Case closed!


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