Watch: Belz Wedding Authorized By Police, Chasidim Stand In Capsules


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — The wedding of the grandson of the Belzer Rebbe, which is taking place Wednesday night in Jerusalem, caused a serious headache to organizers who are used to arranging massive events with all of the Chasidim attending. However with the Romema district where Belz’s institutions are centered being declared a “red” zone due to high levels of COVID-19 infection and with police strictly enforcing health regulations at weddings (despite ignoring violations at demonstrations) which allow for a maximum of 50 attendees outdoors, the wedding preparations were in jeopardy.

After numerous consultations with police, it was agreed to allow the Chasidim to attend the event in capsules, meaning that groups of Chasidim would be in different areas and would not have contact with the other groups around them. Here is a short clip from the Chupah, taking place outside the main Belz Beis Midrash:

The son of the Admor and father of the groom published a taped message in which he asked all of the Chasidim to maintain the regulations properly and wear masks throughout the event.


However from the above clip it does not seem that Chasidim are maintaining the capsules and social distancing during the dancing. The Chasidim also placed a magnetometer at the back entrance to the hall so that no cellphones would be allowed into the hall to capture the festive meal, which apparently will not be with masks and will not be in accordance with the regulations.


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