The Peak Of Insensitivity: Israeli Police Close Weddings, Fine Choson In The Middle Of His Wedding


MODI’IN ILLIT (VINNews) — Despite the massive criticism of Israel’s police force in the wake of excessive use of force against Chareidim, the police continue to demonstrate insensitivity and discriminate against the Chareidi community. In one instance this week they even came to a wedding and fined the Choson in front of all the guests for having more people at the wedding than permitted in public health regulations. At the same time  demonstrations go on nightly unheeded, with thousands of demonstrators who do not maintain health regulations properly.


The Choson responded by taking drinks and offering to all of the policemen who had arrived at the wedding to fine him :

At the same time, police tried to break up a wedding in Modiin Illit even though all of the regulations were being strictly observed. Ten police arrived at the outdoor wedding where 40 men were dancing (less than the 50 permitted outdoors), took the Choson out and even tried to detain the Kallah. Only after an hour they left, having ruined the special night of a young couple for no apparent reason.

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