In Attempt To Make Large Wedding, Jerusalem Choson Tries To Define It As Demonstration

Avraham Linshe

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Avrohom Linshe, a 25-year-old Belz Chassid from Jerusalem, published a Twitter clip recently in which he queried why he could not invite all of his family to his wedding despite the fact that demonstrations continue unabated outside the residence of Prime Minister Netanyahu despite the fact that many demonstrators are not wearing face masks or maintaining social distancing. Linshe said that “if there is a pandemic, we should be cancelling all events and not allowing demonstrations and if they are allowed, weddings should also be allowed to take place with many participants.”

In an attempt to allow all of his extended family to attend the wedding, Linshe published an invitation in which he described the wedding as a “demonstration of support and identification.”


Followers who identify with Linshe’s predicament told him that this ploy had worked in New York when police tried to disrupt Minyanim and were told that they were a “George Floyd protest”.

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