After 20 Years Of Chronic Suffering, Woman Contracts COVID-19, Which Wipes Out Previous Virus


JERUSALEM (VINNews) — A Jerusalem woman, the wife of a well renowned Torah scholar, contracted a debilitating virus twenty years ago. The virus attacked her body relentlessly and a number of her systems stopped functioning, leaving her bedridden and dysfunctional. She hardly ate and could not perform the most basic tasks.

Recently the woman contracted coronavirus and due to her previous condition she deteriorated quickly. Doctors did not give much hope of a recovery, since she was already weakened by her chronic virus. When she required intubation it seemed that there was little hope left.

However after a difficult battle with the virus, she succeeded in recovering sufficiently to remove her from the intubation. Her body fought the virus and unexpectedly she succeeded in leaving her bed to the amazement of all of the medical staff. Remarkably, the previous virus she had suffered from appeared to have been cured and she could perform all of her previous functions.

Doctors were stunned by the new development and could not understand how she could be walking as usual. After extensive tests it became apparent that the coronavirus had taken control of her body and had “eaten” the previous virus which had been attacking her for 20 years.

The delighted family decided to publicize the miraculous recovery of the woman, and the story was published in the Yated Ne’eman newspaper.

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