WATCH: JetBlue Removes Jewish Family From Flight After 2-Year-Old Didn’t Wear Mask


NEW YORK (VINnews) — A Jewish family travelling from Orlando to Newark airport had their trip interrupted on Wednesday when they were kicked off their JetBlue flight. The reason for their removal was their 2-year-old child not wearing a mask. The parents and 5 siblings of the child were all wearing their masks properly.

The family was approached by a flight attendant who asked them about their child not wearing a mask. The mother explained to her that her 2-year-old simply would not wear one. But, she explained, this should not pose any issue whatsoever, as the JetBlue website clearly states that their mandatory mask policy does not apply to “small children who are unable to maintain a face covering.”

Rather than follow the company policy, the flight attendant requested they leave the plane. When the family refused, the captain demanded that the entire flight to deplane.

It should be noted that the vast majority of the passengers were on the side of the family, and immediately protested to the flight attendants. The protests continued as the passengers made their way back into the terminal. In video footage from the scene, one can hear passengers call upon each other to call JetBlue and complain.

The family plans to file an immediate lawsuit against JetBlue.

Shame on you JetBlue for harassing me and kicking me off with my 6 children because my 2 year old wouldn’t cooperate and…

Posted by Chaya Bruck on Wednesday, August 19, 2020

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