Watch: UAE Sings Hava Nagila, Israeli Orchestra Performs UAE Anthem


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — There were a number of signs Tuesday that the peace agreement being signed in Washington was being felt 6,000 miles away both in Israel and the UAE. In Israel, a number of public buildings displayed light effects including the UAE and Bahraini flags and the UAE anthem was performed by the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra starring Ziv Yechezkel, a Chareidi singer who specializes in liturgical hymns sung by Jews from Arab countries. At the same time the UAE, while not yet lighting up the Burg Khalifa with the Israeli flag, performed Hava Nagila on public buildings in Dubai:


Jerusalem walls lit up with UAE/Bahrain flags

UAE national anthem with Ziv Yechezkel

UAE children wave Israeli flags as Hava Nagila is played


Israeli model May Tager and UAE model nastasia Bandarenka, dress in their countries flags

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