Watch: Breslov Chasidim Mark Rosh Hashana In Uman, Minsk And In Munkacz Jail


UMAN (VINnews) — Despite the fact that only a fraction of Breslov chasidim managed to pray in Uman on Rosh Hashana and many found themselves stranded in the neighboring countries of Belarus and Hungary, there was no lack of fervent prayers as well as the joyous dancing after Rosh Hashana which is a hallmark of Breslov’s adherents.

Chasidim celebrated after Rosh Hashana in Pinsk, Belarus as well:

However some chasidim were less lucky. After attempting to cross the border from Hungary into the Ukraine, they landed up in jail in Munkasc, Hungary. (Clip taken by a gentile on Rosh Hashana)

תיעוד מראש השנה בכלא במונקאטש – אנ״ש שנתפסו חוצים את הגבול רגלית מהונגריה.משה יענקיל הורוויץ ועוד….צולם ע" י גוי

Posted by ‎ברסלב "לב הנחל" להדפסת והפצת ספרי רבי נחמן מברסלב זצ"ל‎ on Sunday, September 20, 2020


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