Ner Yisroel Baltimore Campus On Lockdown After COVID Positive Cases


BALTIMORE (VINnews) — The Ner Yisroel Yeshiva campus in Baltimore has been placed on lockdown after several students tested positive for COVID-19. Nobody is being permitted to leave the campus, and any Kollel members who don’t live on campus are being asked to learn at home.

As far as dealing with the positive cases on campus, the Yeshiva has established the following guidelines.

Any people who tested positive, or experienced symptoms, such as fever, flu-like aches, or loss of taste or smell are designated as Group A. This group will be required to go through a full quarantine on campus.

Any people who were exposed to members of Group A, such as roommates or study partners, are designated as Group B. This group will be required to quarantine on campus for 5 days. Group B will quarantine separately from Group A.

The Yeshiva also impressed on the students the importance of wearing masks.

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