Red Heifer Discovered And Purchased In Colombia


BOGOTA (VINnews) — A young Jewish man was driving down a road in Colombia when he spied to his astonishment what looked like a totally red heifer, one which could be used to perform the halachic requirements of purification. Stopping his journey, the man, who learns in a kollel in Colombia, decided to call in halachic authorities as well as members of the Temple Institute which specializes in the halachos pertaining to purity and the requirements for performing ritual activities in the Temple. The rabbis who saw the red heifer concurred that it indeed conforms with halachic requirements and as long as it does not grow black or white hairs could be used as a bona fide red heifer.

The young man then decided to purchase the red heifer for a considerable amount of money. Maybe one day soon it could be used to purify Jews who could then pray on the Temple Mount.

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