Rav Asher Weiss: ‘We Cannot Say That Our Hands Didn’t Spill This Blood’


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic Rabbi Asher Weiss, the head if the Darkei Horaah Beis Din and one of the most prominent poskim in Israel, has been calling on people to strictly adhere to health ministry regulations and even do more than is required by them. In a letter published Tuesday, Rabbi Weiss stresses that in all the previous epidemics which broke out in the 19th century, the great gedolim of the time- Rabbi Akiva Eiger and the Chasam Sofer as well as Rav Chaim Falagi and the Mishna Berurah- ruled that the doctors regulations must be maintained.

In a painful tone Rabbi Asher continued to state that “shame covers our faces as each day brings worse curses and every day people pass away from this disease, including Admorim, Rosh Yeshivas, unique disseminators of Torah and people of Israel and thousands are crying out in pain and suffering. We cannot say: ‘Our hands did not spill this blood.’

“I already stated in the past that we need to be more stringent than the health authorities in Israel and the world. The Torah should be the light leading us and it commands us to “guard your souls very well.” How can we not be ashamed when irreligious people and nations of the world are puzzled how men of Torah do not care about the commandment of “be very careful and guard yourselves very well.”

Rav Asher concludes that in this difficult period we need to strengthen our Torah study and enjoyment as well as our prayers and our joy in performing mitzvos.

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