Dov Hikind Sends Letter to POTUS Asking for DOJ to Investigate Cuomo’s Actions Against Jewish Communities


NEW YORK (VINnews) — Dear Mr. President,

As I have written to you in the past, alerting you to troubling developments for the Jewish communities in New York and around the country, sadly I am compelled to write to you on this subject yet again despite knowing that you are in the thick of your re-election campaign (which I’m truly hoping and praying will succeed because we cannot allow the insanity of the other side to prevail!).

Over the course of the past two weeks Governor Andrew Cuomo has, in his own words, made clear that he is targeting the Jewish communities with severe lockdown restrictions that have been placed on all of the predominantly Jewish areas around New York City and throughout the state. Governor Cuomo, or as I prefer to call him, Tyrant King Cuomo, has not missed a single opportunity during this period to make clear to all who listen to his
meandering rants that:

  • The only people getting sick “and spreading the virus” in New York State are “the ultra Orthodox” and “Hasidic” Jews, even going so far as to specify that it was ‘not the Catholics’ getting sick, only ‘the Jews’
  • COVID is transmitted primarily through mass gatherings in houses of worship, specifically synagogues
  • The only people breaking social-distancing and mask-wearing rules are Jews
  • The determination of “red and orange zones” is not based on cases per county or zip code, but by “clusters” which remains undefined and unqualified to everyone but the governor himself

Mr. President, you have been a stalwart against the nasty manipulation of COVID by nefarious forces around the globe and sadly even within our country who aim to malign America. I, and a majority of the Jewish people being collectively punished with a selective lockdown that is forcing businesses into bankruptcy, families into poverty, and people into despair, are extremely concerned about what is allowed to pass as the Executive of one of the most powerful states in our Union goes on a daily public anti-Jewish rant with a vengeance. So I want to bring several crucial points to your attention:

  • We have good reason to believe, based on available data, that the governor’s metrics are abritrarily cherry-picked so that areas with no Jewish population that have some of the highest infection and mortality rates in the state are mysteriously left out of his socioeconomic warfare
  • Additionally, even if we go by the worst assessment of the numbers, the “science” and “technology” that King Cuomo keeps touting for his vengeful tactics is questionable at best, or downright fraudulent at worst.
  • According to the CDC:
    • More than 80% of people who recently caught COVID were routinely wearing masks
    • Unlike the Tyrant asserted, the number one point of viral transmission is not coming from synagogues or houses of worship, but from family members (33%)
    • And as you tweeted, the WHO declared themselves against lockdowns because of the greater economic destruction it causes to the most vulnerable segments of the population
  • There is also incredible and curious overlap between the areas designated for lockdowns and those that represent Jewish communities that overwhelmingly voted for you in the last election, and according to recent polls will only increase even further on November 3rd.

As the son of Holocaust survivors who lived through the Nazi’s demonization of Jews as “disease-ridden vermin” who needed to be “separated and excised from society” and were eventually put into ghettoes, concentration camps, gas chambers and crematoria in places like Auschwitz, I cannot but see too many dangerous parallels with the governor’s actions and the deafening silence of the mainstream media and the Democrats on this matter.

The climate is ripe for antisemitism to proliferate, and history shows that violence tends to follow hate.

Therefore, I am asking, no, I am beseeching you Mr. President to please step in, take action, and direct the Department of Justice to investigate the Tyrant King for grossly violating Jewish civil rights in New York and bringing irreparable harm to Jews all around the country and world.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my request at this complex juncture, and because you’ve shown yourself to be a man of action I’m hoping that you will direct the necessary resources to limit the damage being caused by the Cuomo dictatorship.

Dov Hikind

Founder, Americans Against Antisemitism
New York State Assemblyman (retired)

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