Tucker Carlson Discusses Left’s Attempts To Suppress Hunter Biden Story Through ‘Big Tech’

Joe Biden talks to reporters before departing Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport in Hebron, Kentucky on October 12, 2020.(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

NEW YORK (VINnews) — After Twitter’s Jack Dorsey admitted that his company’s attempted suppression of the e-mails sent by Hunter Biden implicating his father as having had business contacts with Ukrainian company Burisma while serving as Vice President responsible for US policy towards the Ukraine was ‘not great’, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson discussed the attempts by the Biden campaign to ignore the story and hide behind the fact that Facebook and Twitter had tried to suppress it.


Carlson said that “big tech” is trying to control how people think by denying access to news which they feel may vindicate the right-wing’s rhetoric. For example, data taken by Fox News from the CDC’s site were deemed “partly false” by Facebook because they supported the notion that masks are ineffective in preventing the spread of coronavirus, a contention which Facebook feels has not been proven.

The problem with this behavior is that the social media giants are using their media power to suppress what they feel is false without providing an objective yardstick for their contentions. Thus, when Trump’s tax returns were leaked to the media a few weeks ago, Twitter and Facebook made no effort to question the story’s veracity or claim that it is “partly false”.

In this way the social media giants instead of purveying news objectively – since they have often claimed not to be politically biased- are doctoring the news according to their own liberal preferences, going as far as locking the account of Kaleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary who published the controversial e-mails. At the same time, stories accusing Trump of collusion with Russia remained untouched despite him being cleared of such collusion.

It isn’t long until Twitter’s objectivity will be tested again- in fact this could happen tomorrow as the NY Post is poised to release more damning information about Hunter Biden’s activities in China. Will Twitter followers be allowed to see this information which could affect their voting preferences in just two weeks? Time will tell.

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