Arab Contractor Donates Outdoor Shul Construction: ‘This Is A Holy Place’


EINAV (VINnews) — An Arab contractor was hired by members of the Yemenite shul in the Samarian village of Einav in order to build an outdoor space where they could conduct their prayers. On hearing that the designated spot was a place of prayer, the contractor insisted on donating the materials and labor for free.

Rami Yihya, a contractor from the Arab town of Taiba, was hired to prepare the area for outdoor prayers during the coronavirus period when synagogues are closed. However at a ceremony held this week to celebrate the conclusion of the construction, Yihya explained that “this is a holy place” and added that “G-d will pay me.”

Yihya, who was the guest of honor at the event, also related that after the murder of Rabbi Achiad Ettinger in a terror attack in March 2019, he came to pay respects to Ettinger’s family in the village of Eli and noticed that the 12 children of the rabbi were sleeping on mattresses on the floor. He built beds for them and repainted the house, adding that he visits the family on a weekly basis.

“We are all human beings,” he stressed.

His gesture was warmly welcomed by Israelis on social media.

“I shed a tear. May there be more people like him,” one Israeli tweeted.

“Tears. I have heard moving stories in my life, but I have never experienced such a story about a (seemingly) simple person with a sensitive mind and a well-developed sense of grace,” wrote another.

“People like Rami are the real hope for a better world. If there is a narrow crack through which coexistence can pass, it is thanks to Rami the contractor,” he added.

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