Watch: Health Inspectors Attempt To Write Summons For Empty Yeshiva Building


BROOKLYN (VINnews) — In a video that quickly went viral on Monday, health inspectors were caught attempting to write a summons for a Yeshiva in Flatbush, without verifying first whether or not the building was empty.

According to reports, the executive director of Yeshiva Shaarei Torah on Coney Island Ave in Flatbush noticed an inspector arrive in front of the building Monday morning, and proceeded to write a summons for being “open in a red zone.”

Confused by the summons when the school was not in session and no students were present, the executive director confronted the inspector and invited her inside to see for herself.

The video shows the inspector being taken through the school, to search for students as she pleases. When she sees there are clearly no students present, she says “yeah, I mean, it’s confusing.”

“It doesn’t sound confusing to me, it sounds like you’re just trying to give summonses,” replied the executive director.

The inspector did nothing but fiddle with her phone, seeming visibly uncomfortable, knowing this was all recorded.

When she was further pressed on why she was giving a summons, she admitted that she was given a list of schools that are supposedly open, which she was instructed to revisit. But when presented with the obvious truth that the school was closed, she had no answer.

Watch the full incident below.

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