Watch: Jews Assaulted And Kicked Out Of Philadelphia BLM Protest

(Source: Screenshot)

PHILADELPHIA (VINnews/AP) — A video going viral on social media shows 2 jewish men being verbally and physically assaulted, and being told to leave a Philadelphia Black Lives Matter protest event.

The video begins with 2 visibly jewish men standing in a crowd, when they are approached by a man videoing them, who yells “What are y’all doing out here?! Do you live here? “You know we’re the real jews, right?” he continues.

“This ain’t your fight!” another person calls out to them.

The men were then chased out of the event, to shouts of “Walk!” and “Get the [expletive] out of here!” Another man can be heard saying “You trash.”

As they begin to move, another man approaches them and shoves them. Right away someone moves in between the jews and the person who shoved them, but he points down the block to send them off, while someone yells “Get off my block!”

The video ends with original person videoing the incident calling out “Revelation 2:9, synagogue of Satan.”

The term “synagogue of Satan” generally refers to a group that persecuted and rioted against the church, widely understood to mean Jews. Verses such as this one have been used in black communities, such as Philadelphia, to justify hate to jewish people.


Philadelphia has been plagued with rioting and looting for two consecutive nights, over the police killing of Walter Wallace Jr., who was fatally shot by police Monday after authorities say he ignored orders to drop a knife.

About 500 people gathered in a West Philadelphia park Tuesday evening, marching to the nearby police headquarters where officers were stationed with riot shields. Some of the demonstrators threw debris at officers, according to police, and both sides later clashed.

Police said two officers were injured, although authorities did not disclose the extent of their injuries.

Some business owners were cleaning up damage and boarding up windows and doors Wednesday after video showed people streaming into stores and stealing goods on the opposite side of the city from where Wallace was shot. The National Guard is slated to arrive in the next few days to focus on guarding infrastructure, state and city officials said.

The unrest started Monday evening, shortly after Wallace, 27, was killed, and set off protests elsewhere, including in Washington, D.C., the Brooklyn borough of New York City and Portland, Oregon, where demonstrators held their hands in the shape of a “W” in his honor.

Police said Wallace was wielding a knife and ignored orders to drop the weapon before officers fired shots Monday afternoon.

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