Jews For Trump Plan to Join NYC Trump Car Rally Just Days Before Election Day

Last Updated: 10:37pm

NEW YORK (VINnews/Sandy Eller) – With the final moments ticking down until Election Day, members of the New York area’s Jewish communities are planning to join a massive non-denominational NY MAGA Drag Trump rally on Sunday, November 1st with organizers hoping for a turnout of 10,000 people supporting the president’s re-election bid.

The November 1st grassroots campaign comes one week after well over 1,000 people from Flatbush, Borough Park and Monsey joined together in a car parade that filled Ocean Parkway from the Prospect Expressway to Avenue N and numerous other roadways, as previously reported on VIN News

With protestors throwing rocks at portions of the caravan that it made its way to Trump Tower and past Gracie Mansion before finally meeting up with other groups of vehicles for an in-person Marine Park rally, organizers are releasing few details about this week’s planned event dubbed National Trump Day.

While the vast majority of participants in last week’s rally were members of the Orthodox Jewish community, Sunday’s event will attract a much wider spectrum of all demographics from the five boroughs, Long Island, Rockland, Westchester and Lakewood. Participants will gather and outfit their car with flags and banners at local staging areas – Floyd Bennett Field and the intersection of Kingston and President Streets in Brooklyn, Ferry Point Park in the Bronx, Jacob Riis Park near Long Island, Blue Claws Stadium in Lakewood, Tarrytown Marriott in Westchester and the Exit 14 – Route 59 Park and Ride in Rockland.

The caravans will travel to the undisclosed in-person rally via several different roadways according to Nachman Mostofsky, director of the Chovevei Zion Policy Fund,, whose Policy Fund is sponsoring the event and billing it as New York’s largest car rally in support of the president.

“This rally is going to be pro-Trump and also pro-America,” Mostofsky told VIN News. “Biden is talking about how we are going into a long winter, and as a creature of politics I can till you that since World War II, Democrats have only won elections when they have had a message of optimism. Pessimism doesn’t bring out middle America and why Biden hasn’t learned from this I don’t know.”

Mostofsky, who will be emceeing Sunday’s in-person rally, expects to see Trump banners joined by American flags, and other signage supporting police, firefighters and the military.

“The atmosphere is going to be electric,” predicted Mostofsky. “The love of liberty and freedom and the republic and patriotism and everything that this country stands for will come out. Juxtapose that with the Democrats and their way of showing liberty by running into buildings and burning things.”

Having Orthodox Jews coming out in support of the president corrects misconceptions that Jews support progressive and socialist values, explained Mostofsky.

“Middle America and the Bible Belt need to know that Orthodox Jews don’t support abortion and that we are pro-America,” said Mostofsky. “We have a lot of common ground with bible-believing Americans that isn’t being built on on a communal level and we need to change that.”

Sam Muller, organizer of the Flatbush contingent in last week’s rally, said that excitement is running high for Sunday.

“We know that New York is a liberal state and yes, there were people cursing at us last week, but there were so many more who gave us a thumbs up as we passed by and others on bikes who tagged along with us,” said Muller. “Look at what the president does for the Jewish people. We need to show our support.”

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