28-Year-Old Nurse Succumbs To COVID-19 Hours After Posting Reassuring Video


NEW YORK (VINnews) — 28-year-old Sergio Hernandez was a nurse working on the frontlines trying to save those who contracted COVID-19. A healthy young man with no previous problems, Hernandez believed that even if he would be infected, he would survive. The death of his 30-year-old sister in August from the deadly virus did not deter Hernandez, who continued to work until he himself fell ill with the virus.

Hernandez was convinced that he would overcome the virus and recorded a video in hospital before he was intubated, stating that “because I will come back, this is not a goodbye. I am sure I will come back after a few days.”

In the end these were some of his last words. Sergio, a nurse in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, lost his short battle with the virus just a few hours later.He was survived by his wife and young son.

“I want that, no matter what happens, and the prognosis that God has reserved for me, you always remember me for who I was and who I am,” he said in the message.

Hernandez’s cousin Adalberto Hernandez of Madera, California said that “it tears you apart… someone who’s young with his own children, and was helping people, no health complication, young, strong, full of life. It took him in 8 to 10 days after testing positive.”

Hernandez says that it’s too risky to travel or go to the funeral as some of Sergio’s family is still sick, so all they have as they mourn is his final message of hope – which will serve as his epitaph.

The family’s message is to remind people that this virus is real, and that they should wear a mask.


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