‘They Accepted My Signature On Eight Different Ballots’- How Simple Is Signature Fraud?


NEW YORK (VINnews) — Election officials have claimed repeatedly since the election that they could verify signatures of every individual and therefore there should be no concern about ballots piling up in trash cans or those sent to wrong addresses.

“Discarded mail ballots cannot just be picked up and voted by anyone,” a fact sheet from the secretary of state of Nevada claims. “All mail ballots must be signed on the ballot return envelope. This signature is used to authenticate the voter and confirm that it was actually the voter and not another person who returned the mail ballot.”

Nevada’s Clark county Registrar Joe Gloria claimed that the system would identify a ballot signed by someone else and added that “I’m confident that the process has been working throughout this process.”

However Victor Joecks of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, a resident of Clark county in Nevada, succeeded in refuting this claim by conducting an experiment. He used nine people for his test, writing their names using his own handwriting. They then copied his version of their names on the ballot envelope, making the process entirely legal. Eight of the nine ballots, which all simulated one type of handwriting, went through. In other words, signature verification had an 89 percent failure rate in catching mismatched signatures.

Many people found loose ballots in numerous places, such as in trash cans or in mailrooms where people did not pick them up. It would be the easiest thing to sign such a ballot in the name of the person and send it off since in many cases it would be authorized.

This could explain how a ballot “signed” by Rosemarie Hartle, who died in 2017, made it through signature verification, as reported by 8 News Now. It could explain how Jill Stokke, a longtime Las Vegas resident, was told the signature on her ballot matched, even though she said she never received it.

Joecks discovered that Gloria’s office doesn’t even have an investigatory team which could uncover such fraudulent votes and only succeeds in locating fraudulent votes “when they’re reported to us, meaning that if people choose to be dishonest, they could easily defeat the system. Joecks rightfully points out that “willful ignorance is not an election security strategy.”

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