Opinion: Dropping the J From JTA – Standing up for Ivanka Trump


New York (VINnews/By Rabbi Yair Hoffman) – Once upon a time there was a news agency that specialized in news that affected the Jewish community and the Jewish world, in general. This was its mandate, and, by and large, it kept to it.  It was founded in 1917, and called the “Jewish Telegraphic Agency.”

Now, however, it is clear to all that the JTA, or rather the STA – the Salacious Telegraphic Agency has mutated and morphed. By printing the trashy conversations of a former acquaintance of Ivanka Trump, an article penned by JTA’s deputy managing editor himself, this organization has turned itself into a mockery of what it once was.  At best, it is now slightly below the National Inquirer, and perhaps slightly above __ well, fill in the blank.

Regardless, unless and until they apologize, the term “Jewish” should be removed from its name – because it is anything but.  Here is why:

A news agency should not reprint the trash talk and conversation of a former acquaintance of a famous personality.  This is neither journalism, nor news, nor newsworthy.  Is this agency so desperate for fame and hits that they must print Vanity Fair trash talk?

Secondly, whatever happened to decency and integrity?  Is it not a Jewish value to maintain the highest standards of etiquette in societal discourse?

Is it not a Jewish value to be able to read and understand the news with our children and grandchildren?  Does the JTA really need to introduce terms and conversations that normal people would be embarrassed to have their children and grandchildren see?

One last thing.  It is a Jewish value not to oppress the convert.  Publishing such content is not just undignified, it is humiliating and demeaning.   One can hardly conceive of a more oppressive act.

Open your eyes, JTA. Republicans and their children are human beings too.  The JTA should apologize for carrying the hit piece on Ivanka Trump.  It is utterly reprehensible, and decidedly not journalism.

JTA should apologize immediately and Jewish media across the country should reconsider automatically publishing content from JTA.  Until JTA apologizes and redirects its general decline – Jewish publications should be wary.

The managing editors of Vosizneias have expressed their regret that it has given a forum to the JTA piece.

The author can be reached at [email protected]

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