Police Kick And Humiliate Charedi Protesters Over Grave Desecration Near Mount Zion Hotel


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Police in Israel have exhibited unusually violent behavior in dispersing Chareidi gatherings during the period of coronavirus. At the same time in most cases demonstrations against the prime minister have received much more reserved treatment and were usually allowed to continue unhindered.

During a protest by extremist members of the Atra Kadisha against the expansion of Mount Zion hotel which protesters fear will desecrate possible Jewish graves in the area, demonstrators experienced the full brunt of police violence as police kicked, shoved and dragged people along the floor in the most humiliating manner. If all demonstrators were to receive such treatment there would be a public outcry but if those who are excoriated in the media as “disease spreaders” and primitives are targeted, it remains for Chareidi journalists like Yishai Yerushalmi to document these egregious police actions.

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