Police Manhandle Chareidi Woman Who Refuses To ID On Public Bus

Woman arrested by police over refusal to ID

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — A Chareidi woman was manhandled and violently arrested after she refused to identify herself on a public bus. Police had entered the bus and found that she was not wearing a mask as required.

The woman was dragged off the bus and humiliated by police, who later claimed that she had attacked a policewoman and pulled off her mask. Police released a clip in which the woman says: “I’ll kill you. You are always targeting Chareidim. Why don’t you go to the secular and the Arabs?” However there is no proof of the woman attacking police in the clip.

Journalist Ariel Elharar tweeted: “Just think that this woman could be anyone’s mother. To arrest and shame her in front of everyone is a lowly and improper act, especially if the arrest was for not wearing a mask.”

Chareidi woman publicly arrested for not identifying herself


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