BACKFIRE: Swarms of Users Flee Big Tech Towards Tech Safe Havens

Woman using Telegram on desktop computer. Photo caption: Pexels

WASHINGTON (VINnews) — Many users reported Sunday afternoon that their Telegram inbox had exploded with announcements of their friends joining Telegram and other alternative messaging apps.

Even as Amazon delivered the death blow to Parler that will leave the company reeling, other solutions have popped up in their wake. Additionally, this drama comes as Facebook attempts to get users to opt in to their new privacy policy which allows for more control in Facebook’s favor.

“This is quite a foolish move by big tech companies to basically declare war against their users, and this does not create healthy customers, all around they will loose in the long run, the big can blunder big” one reader shared his perspective with

Other announcements could be seen on Signal of new users fleeing. Telegram adding to the sting, released a GIF to symbolize a new era with users opting out of Facebook’s new policy.

Ultimately these companies rely on the users and if there is a open revolt or even a disdain for the platform, other platforms will serve the need.

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