Israel’s Supreme Court Rejects Additional Hearing On Permit For Chametz In Hospitals, Enraging Chareidi MKs


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Supreme Court Chief Justice Esther Chayut has decided not to hold another hearing regarding the permit issued last year allowing people to bring Chametz into hospitals during Pesach, this despite a request for a hearing from Israel’s Chief Rabbinate.

The Chareidi parties reacted angrily to Chayut’s decision, with Shas leader Aryeh Deri stating that “it is unthinkable that in a Jewish state hospitals will be required to allow Chametz in their precincts during Pesach. Immediately after the elections the Shas faction will promote the Bill for Patient Rights (2020) which I asked MK Moshe Arbel to submit in the 23rd Knesset.

“This bill is designed to maintain the status quo and give authority to hospital directors on this matter, since a hospital treating Jews is not the same as one treating minorities.”

Housing Minister Yaakov Litzman said that “the decision to allow Chametz to enter hospitals is annoying and aggravating. This is declared secular coercion in the public sphere. For years we have succeeded in combating the attempts to violate the status quo in government hospitals. We will continue to act in every way to prevent such blatant harming  of Jewish traditions.”

MK Moshe Gafni said that “the impertinent Supreme Court justices are exploiting the period between one Knesset and another when the amendment I suggested to this law cannot be submitted. They do not show consideration for religious Jews who require the services of hospitals on Pesach. We will demand an override clause in order to stop and make order in their unlimited authority.”

Journalist Yisrael Cohen pondered when the court would allow policemen to enter the Aqsa mosque with shoes and why this is different from Chametz. He concluded: The judges only have respect for Islam and not for Judaism.

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