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Stovetops, Ovens & Microwaves

How do you kasher an electric stovetop? What about a gas stovetop or a glass one?

Is my oven’s self-cleaning cycle good enough to kasher it?

And why is kashering a microwave very different from kashering a stove, sink or regular oven?

If you’ve ever considered these sorts of questions; you’ve come to the right place for answers. By following ‘Ben Yomo’, Ki Heim Chayeinu’s latest series, you’ll learn everything you always wanted to know about kashering and haga’las keilim.

Previous episodes explored kashering countertops and sinks, the status of plastic b’nogeia to kashrus, and how to use a non-kosher barbecue grill.

In this week’s video, the third in the series, Rabbi Holland explains the different ways of kashering stove tops- depending on the type of stove.

Ovens also get their air time this week as Rabbi Avraham Mushell clarifies how we apply Chazal’s terms in today’s kitchens.

Ever wondered how you can use the microwave in the corner of your hotel room?

Or if you can kasher your microwave at home after someone made a mistake that ‘treifed it up’?

Rabbi Chananya Jacobson joins us again this week, pointing out how microwaves pose a different set of questions when it comes to kashering.

You and your family will enjoy a live demo of how to ascertain whether a microwave needs kashering to begin with, as well as getting acquainted with the other ways you can heat your food even in a treife microwave. 

Bring your learning to life with the Ben Yomo series – created by Ki Heim Chayeinu in conjunction with Star-K- to help you to absorb your learning practically into daily life. 

Daf learners around the world along with their wives and children and many others, have enjoyed the fascinating new videos – making ‘Ki Heim Chayeinu’ a reality, not just a catchphrase!

Today’s video:

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