Torah is Thriving in Boca! Today is Your Chance to Become a Part of their Torah Learning


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For one day only, every dollar you donate to the Boca Raton Kollel will be TRIPLED.

That’s three times the impact in giving a ben Torah a gift that will change his life forever. Three times the impact in helping another Jew feel the incredible accomplishment of making a siyum. Three times the impact in building a makom Torah for residents and visitors alike.

The Kollel is a crucial stone in the foundation of our Jewish community here in Boca. No matter a person’s age, no matter his background, the Kollel helps Jewish individuals deepen their relationships with the Torah and Hakadosh Baruch Hu. That is why your donation is so important.

Now, during a global pandemic, there is no better time to invest in Torah learning. Now, when people are searching for ways to make sense of the flood of bad news… When people are looking for inspiration and a chevra… your generosity answers their call. 

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When you donate, you give Rabbis Dovid May and Nachman Luban and the team of Kollel rabbis the tools to do what they do best: uplift the lives of Jews throughout Boca Raton.

Because of you, a father will set up a weekly seder and gain the confidence to open a sefer with his son.

Because of you, a busy professional will share words of Torah at his Shabbos table each week, turning a meal into a seudas mitzvah.

Because of you, another Jew will say a chiddush, discovering a penetrating insight into the words of chazal. 

Please donate and play a vital role in helping another yid feel ownership of the Torah he learns.

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When you donate, you invest in programs like Kinyan HaMesechta and the Mechanchim Kollel, where the community’s educators learn at a high level (and receive a stipend to do so!). When you donate, you create a Torah environment that people look forward to joining. 

Picture it: a crew of young professionals who haven’t had a seder since yeshiva will look forward all day to learning with their chavrusas. They will stay after shiur ends, discussing, clarifying, asking questions… all thanks to your generosity.

Your gift is your demonstration that you believe that this rapidly-growing Jewish community needs a makom Torah, a ner tamid that sustains learning from sunrise to sunset. 


This cause is so important that a group of generous donors has challenged us to raise $400,000 in ONE DAY. To help with that goal, they have agreed to TRIPLE every dollar you donate. But you must give by Wednesday night for the match to kick in.

Your gift makes a world of difference. Please open your heart and donate today. We don’t have a moment to lose.

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