Democrat Fund Group ActBlue Serves As Platform For Donations To Illegal Palestinian Terrorist Groups

Source: Jerusaelm Center For Public Affairs

NEW YORK (VINnews) — A report by the One America news network claims that the Democratic fundraising group ActBlue serves as a front for terrorist groups seeking to raise funds in the US. The organization’s digital platform has partnered with an organization named PACBI, the Palestinian Campaign for the Cultural and Economic Boycott of Israel, which since 2004 has been involved in realizing the goals of BDS, boycotting, divesting and encouraging sanctions against Israel. The goal of these anti-Israel groups is to isolate Israel and they are also closely associated with terror groups seeking to destroy Israel.

For example, one of the PACBI websites lists the Palestinian National and Islamic Forces (PNIF) as one of its members, even though this is an umbrella group for Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Palestinian National Front- three terror organizations recognized as such according to US law . In 2018, US online payment processor Donorbox said that it would not be continuing to provide a platform for BDS because it lists the PNIF as its member and “this council is composed of a few organizations the US government does not allow us to do business with.” Yet PACBI found a new front to process donations in the Democratic fundraising group ActBlue, which currently can be seen on the donation page of BDS as securer of the donations for PACBI.

This partnership would appear to violate a number of federal statutes including providing material support to foreign terrorist organizations, material support to terrorists and conspiracy to commit moneylaundering. It remains to be seen whether ActBlue will continue this illegal relationship during the course of the Biden presidency.

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