Programmer Bequeaths $500,000 In Bitcoins To US Right-Wing Groups And Then Commits Suicide

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NEW YORK (VINnews) — A French computer programmer decided to bequeath his bitcoin fortune of $522,000 to a number of far-right American political activists before he committed suicide last month, according to a Daily Mail report.

The programmer, Laurent Bachelier, a Parisian web developer, transferred the money on Dec. 8th, just a day before he published a suicide letter in a blog post in which he revealed the reasons for taking his own life – years of suffering from chronic pain and “the absence of hope.”

The payments were made to 22 different digital wallets. Most of them belonged to internet personalities and far-right activists, and the payments were made right before the storming of Capitol Hill, leading investigators to discover the identity of the programmer, who associated his Bitcoin address with the pseudonym “pankkake.”

Chainalysis blockchain and cryptocurrency analysis firm conducted investigations into the Bitcoin transfer and identified that Trump supporter and internet personality Nick Fuentes was the largest beneficiary of the donations. He obtained 13.5 Bitcoin worth around $250,000. The cryptocurrency has more than doubled in value since then, making the amount Fuentes received worth more than $500,000 as of Monday. Fuentes was seen outside the capitol on Jan. 6th but said that he had not been inside.

The French donor also made other donations. Recipients include Vincent Reynourard,, Bitchute, the Daily Stormer (a neo-Nazi message board), Patrick Casey,,, a social media platform popular with Trump supporters, The Unz Review, Amren, the VDARE anti-immigration organization, alt-right blogger Ethan Ralph and two unknown beneficiaries.

Chainalysis said that it cannot be determined for sure whether the funds from the French donor assisted in financing the US Capitol Hill riot. However, Acting US attorney, Michael Sherwin, stated that the investigation into the matter has so far rendered it as unprecedented, with prosecutors treating the case as a counterintelligence or counterterrorism investigation.

“I care about what happens after my death,” wrote Bachelier, 35, according to a copy of the post published by Chainalysis. “That’s why I decided to leave my modest wealth to certain causes and people.”

Bachelier helped to develop Weboob, a set of digital tools that are used to scrape information from the internet without using a web browser, the paper reported. Weboob is among the software projects listed on Bachelier’s profile on GitHub, a platform that developers use to share code.

In his final blog post, Bachelier said he had suffered for about eight years with health problems including trigeminal neuralgia, a chronic condition that causes pain in the face. He also bemoaned the “decline of Western civilization” and appeared to criticize coronavirus lockdowns and last year’s Black Lives Matter protests.

Bachelier’s brother, Fabien Bachelier, confirmed to the Journal that his brother died by suicide and said the family was mourning.

“We don’t understand. We are just learning about some things,” Fabien told the paper.


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