Two Secular Israelis Create App ‘Have You Put On Tefillin Today, Brother’ To Encourage Wearing Tefillin


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Two Israeli internet gurus have created a new app designed to remind people to put on Tefillin daily. The two, who are totally secular, try to sell their app to the general Israeli public in language which it can relate to. In a one-minute clip, Maor Gamliel, who wears a single earring, states that “in our generation, everything is fast- instagram. Tiktok, who broke up with who. Sometimes we just forget to say “thank you.” Idan Talmor, sporting a tattoo, insists that he is “totally secular” but says that “something woke up a few years ago” and he began putting on Tefillin.

The app, called “have you put on Tefillin today, brother” is touted as “the first in history which will remind you to put on Tefillin at your own tempo whenever you want.” The app, available for I-phones and androids, will also remind people which of their friends has put on Tefillin and includes the blessings and prayers to be said with Tefillin, as well as all the shuls nearby where people can go to put on Tefillin. The app also connects people with other people who they can borrow Tefillin from if they do not have their own.

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The two initiators affirm that they decided to do this to “bring people closer to Hashem”


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