Rabbi Twerski’s Zatza’l Approach To A Great Life


Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski Zatza’l was a great talmid chochom and world-renowned psychiatrist. He served as the director of psychiatry at St. Francis Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for 20 years.

From his early years, he lectured about self-esteem, stress, chassidus, and spirituality. He stemmed from a royal Chasidic background, tracing his lineage back to the Baal Shem Tov.

Countless people overcame drug and alcohol addiction, as well as depression and anxiety, because of Rabbi Twerski’s guidance.

He published his 90th book on his 90th birthday, titled “Tallis & Tefillin, Bagels & Lox” where he delves into the concept that both physicality and spirituality are important in life. Using his vast knowledge and old-age-wisdom, he shows how the two are important in serving Hashem and living a life of holiness.


Filled with vast Torah wisdom and personal stories, Rabbi Twerski shares his thoughts of how one can enjoy the good in life, get along with others, and overcome life’s challenges while maintaining a positive attitude in life and self respect.

In a time of uncertainty and doubt, this book deals with topics that are especially prevalent in our generation.

It is a must read to all who seek a unique and Torah based approach of where our priorities should be focused in life.

Menucha Publishers has published this book and its available at www.Menuchapublishers.com and will be available at your local Judaica store later this week.


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