Watch: Purim Tishes In Jerusalem, Megilla Reading At Rachel’s Tomb


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — For the first time in a year, many chasidic groups conducted a  Tish (table gathering) honoring Purim. The tishes took place in Jerusalem Sunday, which was the main day of celebration in Jerusalem, while in other parts of Israel they took place Friday.

One of the main tishes with thousands of chasidim took place with the Gerer Rebbe, who has strictly ordered all of his chasidim who have not suffered from coronavirus to vaccinate. This was the first tish in a year for Gerer chasidim with their rebbe.


Main tish at Gerer center in Jerusalem

On the previous night a tish took place for the chasidim of Rabbi Shaul Alter, who also marked the yarhzeit of his father, the Pnei Menachem.

Rabbi Shaul Alter conducts tish commemorating Pnei Menachem

Boyan Chasidim also celebrated Purim with a large tish

Boyan chasidim at central gathering

Some migrant workers also attempted to emulate the Vizhnitz tish

Another unusual Purim picture was seen at Kever Rachel on Friday, where Rabbi Kalman Greenwald, a Rachamstrivka chasid, read the megilla for a Border Police woman who is stationed at the site.


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