An Open Letter to Governor Cuomo:  You Had Your Chance, Now Leave!

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo (John Minchillo/AP)

    Dear Governor Cuomo,

    You could have handled this very differently.  You could have truly and sincerely apologized for your disgusting behavior.  But you didn’t.  You placed all of the blame on the poor innocent aides that you wished to victimize.  And by doing so, you victimized them even further.

    But you are so tone deaf, so infused with your own hubris – that you didn’t even see that what you said was not only not good enough but further abuse – further victimization.

    Why is it that women in this world have to face the Harvey Weinsteins and the Andrew Cuomos of the world?  Why can’t people just do their jobs without having to face predators such as the two of you?

    But since you are so tone deaf – let’s just pick apart your statement:

    “I now understand that my interactions may have been insensitive or too personal and that some of my comments, given my position, made others feel in ways I never intended. I acknowledge some of the things I have said have been misinterpreted as an unwanted flirtation. To the extent anyone felt that way, I am truly sorry about that,” he said.

    “I now understand?”  Just now?  You mean, you didn’t detect the fear?  You were oblivious to the fact that both of the women you tried to prey on – moved on?  Are you so caught up in yourself that you are blind and callous to the pain of others?

    may have been insensitive..”  Maybe?  Maybe??!!?  What are you a clod??  The term “may have been” shows that you are completely clueless.  And the word “insensitive” is also sooo misplaced.  Face the facts and man up.  Your actions and statements were predatory.  Yes predatory.  You planned it all by setting up the situation through your other assistants – where you were alone with them. 

    You need therapy – major, major, therapy.

    “I acknowledge some of the things..”  Some of the things?  How’s that for minimizing the gravity of what you have done!  “Sure, it’s just some of the things I have said.. a little, tiny eansy weansy minority..”

    And then comes the clincher.  The words where you blame these wonderful aides that just wanted to help you politically.  YOU BLAME THEM.  You say, “have been misinterpreted.”

    You tiny man.  You little boy who has to blame others and can never admit to error.  Just like you didn’t man up when you killed our parents and grandparents.  We would have forgiven you if you had come clean.

    But you didn’t then. And you didn’t now.  In fact, you try to appoint your own independent investigator.  You predatory weasel.

    Pack up your bags.  Leave us.  It almost doesn’t matter who replaces you.  RESIGN, Mr. Governor, resign.

    We don’t need you.  You are a disgrace to your father. You are a disgrace to the party. You are a disgrace to the state of New York.  And you are a disgrace to the country.

    You didn’t just attempt to victimize these two young women.  You victimized the tens of thousands of other people that all suffered under the hand of predators like you.  You victimized me as well.  Someone tried this on me once – when I was fifteen years old.  I had to hitchhike with strangers to get away from him.  I never hitchhiked before and if my parents knew they would have killed me.

    So governor, I beg you to resign. Go away some place and hide in a corner. Disappear into the abyss like the fugitive that you are.  Because you are a predator.  We all pray that no one sees the likes of you or someone the likes of you ever in political office again.

    Anonymous, because I am not as brave as these two women.  I wish there were more of them.

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