UPDATE: Spirit Airlines Defends Themselves In Tweet, Deletes Shortly After


ORLANDO (VINnews) — Spirit Airlines released a statement on Twitter to defend their actions earlier on Monday, but then quickly deleted it after encountering swift backlash.

Earlier on Monday, a Jewish family was kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight due to alleged non-compliance of the mask rules.

Despite video footage clearly showing a flight attendant blaming the deplaning on a 2-year-old child, Spirit chose to blame it on the parents.

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In the video footage of the incident, the parents are heard asking the flight attendant what they did wrong to cause the deplaning. She answers that it is due to non-compliance with the mask rules. When they point out that they’re wearing masks, she points to the 2-year-old and says “she’s not wearing a mask.”

The child was eating at the time.

The video of the incident is over 6 minutes long, and not once was a word uttered about the parents not complying with the mask rules.

For Spirit Airlines to try to reverse-engineer that claim into the story is disingenous at best.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that the entire plane, including the Jewish family were eventually let back onto the plane, and the steward who originally took issue with the alleged mask offense was removed from the flight.

If the adults truly violated the mask policy, there would be no reason to allow them back on the flight, or to remove the steward who reported the infraction.

To top it all off, minutes after posting their statement on Twitter, Spirit Airlines quietly deleted their tweet, further calling into question the legitimacy of the statement.

Many people in the Twitter comments called out Spirit Airlines for their dishonesty before they deleted it.

See below for the full statement issued by Spirit, as well as the footage from the incident.

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