VIDEOS: Jewish Family Kicked Off Spirit Airlines Flight After 2-Year-Old Child Won’t Wear Mask


ORLANDO (VINnews) — An entire flight was forced to deplane a Spirit Airlines aircraft on Monday after a 2-year-old child who was eating refused to wear a mask.

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The incident took place on a flight that was scheduled to travel from Orlando to New York.

Footage taken on the airplane shows a young child sitting on her mother’s lap eating a yogurt. The mother is heard saying that her child turned 2 a month ago.

The parents try various methods of convincing the child to wear a mask, including offering her a pink one.

Despite the fact that the child was only 2 and was eating, the airline forced the entire flight to deplane.

The mother of the child was several months pregnant, and the couple’s other child was special needs, but none of this played a factor in the airline’s response to the situation.

Later, the entire flight was allowed to replane, including the Jewish family.

According to initial reports, the steward who was behind the decision to force the deplane was removed from the flight.

Video footage allegedly shows the steward being led away by a police officer.

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