Two Yeshiva Boys Make Kiddush Hashem In Georgia


GEORGIA (VINnews) — Two Yeshiva boys made a Kiddush Hashem yesterday when they stopped to assist a driver in Georgia who was struggling with his load.

The boys were on their way to New York when they chanced upon the driver.

When they were offered money for their services, they asked only to have the story shared.

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The story was ultimately shared in a Facebook post by the driver, Renee Dionne Kauffman of South Carolina.

Kauffman wrote, “Half way through my trip, I began to struggle with what I thought was a tall load and wind gusts! Thankfully two young Jewish men waved me over and alerted me to a flat tire! They stopped alongside me and offered me help. I am so grateful for their positive, persistent, gracious attitude! They refused money and when I insisted on doing something in return for their kindness, they said “just share on social media that two Jewish boys stopped to help”. Well, they did and I am so grateful. I hope some way that this post makes it to them, their parents, their faith community! They are two young, generous, polite and service oriented boys on they’re way home to NY and they stopped to help me in my time of need. Things could have gone really bad if they hadn’t taken the time to alert me, and then help me. THANK YOU Shimon and Meir. You were my hero’s yesterday!”

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