Watch: 200 New IDF Recruits Finish Masechtos On Day Of Enlisting


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — 200 new recruits who came to enlist in the IDF for the March 2021 recruitment completed a masechta and made a joint siyum at the enlistment office. The recruits had been studying the masechta prior to their joining the IDF in a program called Tzalash, which is an acronym both for the highest award for valor in the IDF and for Tzava Leshem Shamayim (Army for the Sake of Heaven), an organization founded by Rabbi Peretz Einhorn in an attempt to encourage more Torah study in the IDF.

Einhorn’s organization has distributed 40,000 small gemaras with commentary and says that 5000 soldiers are studying gemara in the merit of these pocket size gemaros. 670 siyumim have been celebrated at 70 different army bases around Israel. The organization also sponsors kiddushim and oneg shabbos gatherings for soldiers stationed in bases around the country and provides religious foster families for lone soldiers as well as chavrusos for them to study with.


Siyum at induction base by 200 paratrooper recruits who celebrate by dancing together.

Siyum by 120 members of Kfir brigade who completed Maseches Megilla last November

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